IAM’s software services will accelerate your infrastructure development.
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Website Development

A portal for success. Whether you are developing a new site or redesigning your current site, our team will make sure your site is well-branded and executed with your members in mind:

  • Conversions for Leads
  • Display
  • Functionality & Usability
System Integration

Integration is on the rise. Special services and capabilities such as social media and customer relationship management must talk with and exchange data with your association’s membership records. IAM is an expert at creating automatic integration with other software systems, such as providing Single-Sign On (SSO) for communication between your framework and ours.

Our staff can also seamlessly enhance your existing system with new and exciting developments to meet the future needs of your organization. Our enhanced integration capabilities are among the most frequently cited reasons for selecting our platforms.

Software Analysis & Execution

Combine and condense your platforms. Skilled professionals are able to identify better solutions for your goals that will decrease operating costs.

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Sustainable Software Development

This is our biggest component, and it is the component of which IAM is the most proud. We offer services in every area of membership management, including subscriptions, group memberships, invoicing, online/offline payments, membership cards/certificates, member-only portals, and a vast array of membership reporting tools. The detailed demographic data of each member can be searchable through our database and reporting to provide you with new insights on where your organization is going and how to provide the right member benefits.

Data Migration

Clean Data. Our technology staff supports cleaning and purifying data to make sure everything from email addresses, membership records, and transaction data is accurate. Our priority is to keep association leaders aware of the importance of clean data and work together with staff to maintain good records on an annual basis.

Your association can rest easy knowing that data from our systems can be transferred to any other system or configured by another Open Source vendor for immediate use. Our technical staff is qualified at data extraction out of or into other systems.

Web Analytics

Your presence in the digital world. IAM prides itself on gathering all pertinent data regarding our clients' digital presence and their channels for serving their organization’s members and analyzing this information to shift focus or magnify importance to maximize efficiency. 

By using Google Analytics and its arsenal of data-capturing tools, we are able to brief our clients on their website’s strong points and suggest how to improve upon the weaker ones. The iceberg of features reaches deep, allowing IAM to personalize its approach in modification, management, and maintainenance of the face of its clients' organizations.

Advanced Reporting

Drive Engagement. The most common technology complaint by organizations is the need for better reports and more business intelligence. In a recent association technology survey, 44% of the respondents reported that the need for better reports from database records frequently exceeds the capabilities of current software.

Detailed demographic data of each member is searchable through our database and reporting to provide you with new insights on where your organization is going and how to provide the right member benefits. IAM can also provide social media analysis for your community, provide insights on actions that will drive engagement, and help amplify communications within your social community.

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International Association Management (IAM)

If you progress, we progress. IAM contributes its success to collaboration in order to fulfill the goal to fully understand your organization, what it stands for and where it needs to go.