Marketing & Communication

Finding out who your audience is and how your audience behaves is critical to the success of your marketing efforts.
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Paint the right picture. What will draw your target audience is a very loaded question. Utilizing research, previous experiences, and up-to-date marketing techniques allows us to guide you on the best decisions when it comes to building your brand. We also make sure your brand efforts stay consistent and follow the appropriate objectives to reach your long-term goals.

Email Marketing

Stay in contact. We have found this resource to be invaluable when it comes to keeping your members up-to-date and attracting potential members. With our managing and reporting on your email communications, you can reach people to take action, stay informed, attend an event, etc. We make it easy to utilize and streamline for the most effective results.

Marketing Collateral

Print materials are vital. We know what works best to get your audiences to become your members, attend your events, or get your certifications. Targeted content and visually appealing materials are necessary to properly communicate your activities to your ideal audience.

Public Relations

Read all about it. It is detrimental to export the right messages to your audience to keep them motivated and informed. Maintaining proper media guidelines and delivering proactive press releases are great ways to stay in front of your audience with a cohesive voice. We have the knowledge and capability to export these messages promptly and accurately.

Market Research

Discovering the best content. Finding out who your audience is and how your audience behaves is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. Our practices allow you to gain insight on your current membership, competitors' information, and much more to move your marketing efforts in the right direction.

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Membership Marketing

Need more members? With over 20 years in developing and executing successful membership campaigns, a result-driven strategy is guaranteed from us. We produce an annual membership-marketing plan based on research that includes surveys, analysis, and membership data.

Social Media

How to make them follow you. Getting your audience to engage with you on social networks takes a clever plan with consistency. Consulting on best practices and structuring work groups to implement campaigns are great resources that we offer to further advance your reach or start engaging with your audience.

Analytics & Reporting

What do those numbers mean? Benefit from data and trends of your website and social media accounts. We offer a wide range of customized reports suited perfectly for your organization to get the most accurate and useful results.

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International Association Management (IAM)

If you progress, we progress. IAM contributes its success to collaboration in order to fulfill the goal to fully understand your organization, what it stands for and where it needs to go.