From press releases to seminars, we have all your education needs covered!
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Academic Publications

Get the word out. A full suite of publishing services, from ideation to delivery, of both electronic and printed materials.

  • Editing
  • Publication
  • Printing
  • Marketing
Writing & Editing

Distribution. Our professional writing and editing staff will showcase your organization in the best light! Expertise in a variety of mediums to distribute to your audience:

  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Journals
  • Textbooks
Continuing Education

Sharpen their skills. Identifying the right accrediting body and maintaining guidelines for your organization can be overwhelming. We make it simple. Experts to research your industry while developing the right structure will provide comprehensive support for your needs.

Abstract Management

Collecting knowledge. We have the flexibility to develop an organized and conducive platform for you or manage your current platform. Perfect for all of your academic needs and flexible enough to fit your goals! 

  • Collect and report abstract submissions 
  • Conduct and manage results of reviewing abstracts
  • Organize and maintain all necessary documentation
  • Provide guidance and support on selection process

Webinar Support

Put it online! We basically do it all from start to finish:  

  • Scheduling & Promotion 
  • Registration 
  • Live Support
  • Reporting & Statistics 
  • Recording & Video Management 

Grant Management

Get the gift of aid. From application to administration of both public and private funding opportunities, we have your grant needs covered. Working with WHO, CDC and other large international agencies has granted us progressive knowledge in grant development. 

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International Association Management (IAM)

If you progress, we progress. IAM contributes its success to collaboration in order to fulfill the goal to fully understand your organization, what it stands for and where it needs to go.