Association Management

A completely staffed, branded, full time international headquarters customized for your organization
We've Got You Covered.

We cover the operational bases so your board can focus on ideating and initiatives to grow the organization's membership and influence. Simply put, we give leaders more time to lead.

A Focus on Efficiency

Our experienced staff and unique Action Tracking System immediately increase efficiency and can improve your bottom line.

A Rock Solid Foundation

Serving nonprofits for more than 30 years, IAM is one of the industry's most experienced association management companies. While our technology and processes evolve constantly, the focus remains on providing an unrivaled level of personal service to our clients.

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Executive Services

Someone you can trust. Strategic planning, management of legal and financial services, analysis, and consulting are just a few upper-level services our industry leaders can assist you with.


The backbone of your organization. We provide the resources to make your board meeting more productive and successful. Dedicated person for communications to decrease multiple channels and showcase what the association stands for.

  • Board of Directors Support
  • Chapter Management
  • Committee Support
  • Meeting Documentation

The heart of your organization. How to get them and keep them. Do you feel your members are satisfied? It is harder now than ever to stay relevant and on the pulse of things.

Established Consulting

We can advise and be there every step to create your ideal organization.

The inner workings. Energetic and helpful staff to make sure your day-to-day operations run smoothly and consistently.

Nonprofit Startup

Have an idea? From ideation to startup to implementation, we can advise and be there every step to create your ideal organization. If you have a vision in mind, we are happy to hear about it and consult on the best path.

Best Practices

Let us make it easier. There are many moving parts. Streamlining can bring you better processes and reduce wasted man hours.


Support the cause. Experienced in all phases of advocacy. Staff often works with a lobbyist or political consultant to administer legislative programs and activities. Our staff frequently organizes letter writing campaigns and trips to meet with representatives in Washington.

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Financial Services

Invest in your organization's future.

Bookkeeping. Led by an industry expert Chief Financial Officer consistently heralded by auditors as accurate and organized, our finance department provides a full suite of bookkeeping, accounting, and financial services that will let you rest peacefully at night. 


Budgeting. IAM realizes the importance of a comprehensive budgeting process, and our staff has years of experience developing multi-million dollar budgets. Distinct details and practices allow IAM and the Executive Committee to present appropriate information to the organization’s Board of Directors, helping them to make informed budgetary decisions. 


Financial Statements and Score Cards. Accurate and timely consolidated financial statements and records. Full accounting services are provided by the Financial Services staff under the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer. 


Investments. We assist the association in establishing an investment policy and appointing an oversight or finance committee composed of Board members. 


Insurance. We follow the ANSI standard requirements for all insurance coverage. Maintain adequate general liability, property and casualty insurance, along with additional liability coverage and various forms of bond insurance.


Taxes. Our client service is to partner with our clients and the CPA in creating a positive public image, in addition to simple compliance with tax laws.

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Event Management

Time to shine. Even though we have the resources to host virtual meetings and events, the event industry is still growing, and the need for face-to-face meetings is recognized as extremely valuable. We offer a full service, comprehensive approach with flexibility to fit your needs. 


Interactive, member-centric solutions. Our goal is to provide deliverables that are easily accessible by members and create efficient interactions between the association and its membership. We provide an online, collaborative environment for our clients and can be a valuable partner in managing technology solutions.

Sponsor Management

The right partners. Our specialty is helping you to develop the right mix of opportunities to put in front of the best prospects. With foresight and extensive know-how on strategic partnerships, we assist you with crafting advantageous prospecting and document your progress. 

Marketing & Communications

Spread the word. We know the importance of getting your brand noticed by others. We also know how difficult it can be. Our leadership team has the experience and drive to develop a strategy to make this happen. We do this through extensive research and testing.

Foundation Management

Building your foundation. Our experience with foundations can expedite your success. All of our services can be scaled to fit your foundation needs: 

  • Scholarship, grants & awards programs
  • Governance support
  • Financial expertise


Teach them. Knowledge and technology are key to today's education management. Thorough detail, insight, and organization are key attributes that will let us help you elevate your education opportunities.

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International Association Management (IAM)

If you progress, we progress. IAM contributes its success to collaboration in order to fulfill the goal to fully understand your organization, what it stands for and where it needs to go.